How can I uses Blockchains?

There is some confusion about blockchains. Many companies and individuals tell us it’s the future of about everything. It’s not so easy. You find hundreds of WEB pages that try to explain what a blockchain is. In every county you find several seminars and workshops trying to explain what blockchains are and how t use them. In most cases there are some basics explained and that’s it. But you hear how it will change the world. Most people can hardly imagine how the basics they understood will change their business. That’s where people are lost.

There are two more mistakes often made. Blockchain is NOT CryptoCurrency, like wheel is not car. Transaction and transaction speed has very little to do with the blockchain itself. Things are often mixed up, because many people writing about it may not fully understand HOW it WORKS. The  original blockchain was tailored for the BitCoin usage. That was the state of the technology 2008 and was true until October 2018. Most published use cases rely on the BitCoin model, which is complex.

The solution is simple but not without effort. Everything you have understood is easy. To come to that point learning and exercise is required. The effort is learning  to the required detail, with some  sweat and tears.

I’ll help and try to explain in so much detail that it becomes easy at the end. You need to have some understanding what encryption is, and what a hash algorithms are. Both are explained at multiple places at the internet. In a future update i’ll add some good references.

First go to the technology pages on this WEB site. I explained what a chain of hash is and how you can make it a blockchain. An explanation wha”proof of work” is follows. You should know it, but there are alternatives that are much better. Understand what is the difference to the Back-Step blockchain. Then see how fraud is detected. After that you have the know how to dive into the use cases. We concentrate on the use of the Back-Step blockchain, because there are uncountable applications. Many use cases are just not possible or not practicable with other chain technologies.

Our first use case describes buying a theatre ticket on-line and selling it to somebody else. The ticket can be resold and resold again, but not duplicated. The ticket exists as a data block, you do not need a physical ticket. If you want a paper ticket, print one out. Faked tickets will be detected immediately.

Go to The theatre Case.

More use cases will follow here in the future.